Dakota Fanning on ‘New Moon,’ Chris Evans talks ‘Scott Pilgrim’

01.24.09 9 years ago

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Earlier today, HitFix conducted a sit down TV interview with the two stars of the surprisingly stylish and entertaining new thriller “Push,” Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans.  The unlikely onscreen duo has separate high profile projects in the works,  “New Moon” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” and HitFix inquired about both.

Most importantly, Fanning publicly confirmed the initial report that she’s in talks to star as Jane in the “Twilight” sequel, “New Moon,” but didn’t elaborate on much else.

“It’s definitely possible. I really hope it works out,” Fanning says. “It would be a really fantastic experience I’m sure.”

Evans, best known for playing Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch) in the “Fantastic Four” films is playing his second super-powered character in “Push,” but his next project, “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” would actually be his third.  What was the appeal of coming on board and playing Lucas Lee, the second evil boyfriend Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) has to face off against?

“Well ‘Scott Pilgrim’ is appealing because of Edgar Wright,” Evans says. “Edgar Wright is one of the best directors around in my opinion.  And because of Michael Cera.”

“Scott Pilgrim” finds our slacker and guitar-playing hero, played by Cera, having to battle his girlfriend”s seven evil ex-boyfriends in order to win her heart. Joining Evans and Cera in the cast are Kieran Culkin as Pilgrim’s gay roommate Wallace (a story first reported on HitFix), Brandon Routh as the third evil boyfriend Todd Ingram, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona the girl of Pilgrim’s dreams, Brie Larson as Pilgrim’s ex-girlfriend Envy Adams, Mark Webber as band member Stephen Stills, Ellen Wong as clingy Knives Chau, Anna Kendrick as Pilgrim’s sister and Mae Whitman as Roxy Richter.

Lastly, HitFix asked Evans if he’d had a chance to read Bryan Lee O’Malley”s four graphic novels that inspired the anticipated Universal Studios production.

“I shall before we shoot, but I haven’t yet,” Evans admits.

With production not expected to begin until next month in Toronto, Evans still has a convenient window to fit them in. 

Look for complete “Push” interviews later this week on HitFix.

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