Watch: Damon Lindelof discusses ‘Prometheus,’ ‘Alien’ and sequels

06.08.12 6 years ago
LONDON – If you follow Damon Lindelof on Twitter, or if you’ve read any of the interviews he’s done since “Lost” wrapped two years ago, you’re aware that Lindelof knows what you think about him, be it positive or negative.
As a result, Lindelof also knows what you think about the idea that his new  film, “Prometheus,” is designed as the first film in a contained series, meaning that the movie opening on Friday (June 8) raises as many questions as it answers.
Director Ridley Scott recruited Lindelof to give a new spin to a script by Jon Spaihts. That script was a straight-forward prequel to Scott’s sci-fi landmark “Alien,” but Lindelof’s take turned “Prometheus” into a film that runs parallel to the time leading up to “Alien,” but doesn’t actually connect, at least not yet.
In a conversation filmed in a rover vehicle perched on a noisy corner of London’s Covent Garden Lindelof discusses the progression of “Prometheus” out of the realm of a pure prequel and into its current form and argues in favor of “giving imaginative propriety to the fans” (that means not answering every question directly).
As was the case with my rover-set interview with Logan Marshall-Green, a couple of Lindelof’s answers were rendered entirely unusable by reversing trucks and construction. Unfortunately, those answers included my Sepinwall prompted “Lost” question involving the people shooting at the outrigger. [No. Not really. I jokingly asked Lindelof about the outrigger after the cameras stopped rolling and his response was, “Sepinwall knows everything he needs to know about that.”]
Stay tuned for my excellent, but slightly spoiler-y Ridley Scott interview either over the weekend or Monday. And check out my interviews with Logan Marshall-Green,  Charlize Theron & Guy Pearce and Noomi Rapace & Michael Fassbender.
“Prometheus” opens on Friday, June 8.

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