Danny Boyle reacts to ‘127 Hours’ big Oscar day from across the pond

01.25.11 7 years ago

AP Photo/Pete Kramer

Oscar nomination Tuesday is always hectic.  Covering it from snowy Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival makes it even more interesting. Especially when you’re playing phone tag with talent.

Fox Searchlight did their best to put me in touch with “127 Hours” director Danny Boyle on the phone, but the London-based filmmaker who received nominations as a producer in the best picture category and for best director, caught me right before a screening.  So, I quickly pulled out my phone and threw him a quick question via E-mail:

Considering all the inflated stories of people fainting, etc., do you feel validated by the Academy’s response to the film today? And do you think it will encourage more people to see it?

Boyle responded, “The acknowledgement of the Academy for our film is thrilling. Most especially James Franco’s performance as Aron Ralston. I spent the shoot of ‘127 Hours’ learning more than I ever thought possible about screen acting, and trying to keep up! Hopefully these nominations will help other cinema lovers share his audacious and exhilarating performance.”

So, after Franco worked tirelessly to promote “127,” Boyle does the more than gentlemanly thing and gives a nice shout out to his leading man in hopes of giving him a boost in the best actor Oscar race.  Having spoken to the always kind and energetic Boyle in person numerous times, I’m hardly surprised.

Moreover, if you haven’t seen “127 Hours” yet, go!

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