Dave Chappelle on ‘The Chappelle Show’: ‘Technically, I never quit’

06.10.14 3 years ago

Dave Chappelle on “The Chappelle Show”: “Technically, I never quit”
“I”m seven years late for work,” Chappelle quipped to Letterman in his first late-night interview since 2008.

HLN and Vice may be merged
Time Warner is in the process of acquiring half of Vice Media, and the plan is to combine it with the former Headline News Network.

“Blossom” returning to TV for the first time in 15 years
Hub has acquired all five seasons of the ’90s comedy starring Mayim Bialik, Joey Lawrence and Jenna von Oy. “Blossom” begins airing on Hub on July 7.

Syfy to sell “Sharknado” boxers, jewelry, shot glasses, T-shirts, Halloween costumes
A whole range of products will be available for “Sharknado” aficionados.

“Under the Dome” loses exec producer Brian K. Vaughn
The comic book writer, who used to write for “Lost,” was handpicked by Steven Spielberg to adapt the Stephen King book.

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