Updated: Is David Goyer suiting up for new Superman film ‘Man Of Steel’?

02.24.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Alex Ross/DC

UPDATE:  (5:30 PM PST) – Now IGN is saying that not only has Legendary Pictures hired David Goyer to write the film, but he’s also got a co-writer:  Jonah Nolan.  And IESB is saying that there’s already a finished draft of “Batman 3,” and that’s what got Warner Bros. to pull the trigger on “Man Of Steel” now since the clock is ticking before they lose the legal rights to make a film about Superman.

I’m going to attempt to clarify this with some people, but since this story has become such a hot potato today, I’m doing my best to separate cover stories from confusion, and there are some wild contradictions in what I’m hearing.

ORIGINAL STORY:  (3:30 PM PST) – When David Goyer left his show “Flash Forward” recently, there were dozens and dozens of stories, led by Nikki “Toldja” Finke, about how he was leaving to write a new “Batman” film with Christopher and Jonah Nolan.

Only that wasn’t true. 

Chris Nolan is still hard at work on “Inception,” and will be until the film is in release.  There have certainly been some “Batman” conversations, but the idea that the script is in progress right now isn’t correct.  It’s a process that will begin when they have the current work off their plate, and not until.

Fink also recently broke a story saying that Chris Nolan will be godfathering a new “Superman” film through development.  That may be true, although I can’t independently verify it, and at this point, there’s been so much about Superman that’s been written that is inaccurate that I hardly know how to sift through it anymore.

This morning, Latino Review ran a story in which they say that David Goyer has been hired to write a film called “The Man Of Steel” for Warner Bros.  They have some details about it, including Braniac’s involvement and the notion that the Daily Planet is struggling against the internet for survival.

Thing is, I don’t think that’s accurate, either.  All due respect to the guys at Latino Review, who are very good at breaking scoops, but according to my source, someone who absolutely is in a position to know if this has happened, David Goyer has not been hired, and they are not moving forward at the moment.

Warner Bros. is obviously keen to keep Superman viable.  He’s more than just an important character for them… he’s one of the biggest icons in the world of comic books, and a film character that audiences remain incredibly interested in, no matter what.  “Superman Returns” may not have successfully launched a new franchise, but I think it more than proved that people are always interested to see a new Superman.

Right now, Thomas Tull and Legendary Pictures are actively trying to figure out what to do with the character.  They would love to be able to announce a title, a date, a writer, a director… SOMETHING that shows everyone that they have their idea, and they are going to bring him back to the bigscreen soon.  But I’d rather they get it right than we get it soon, and today’s story obviously caused a strong reaction in the fan community.

But before you start nitpicking what you read and freaking about this choice or that, take a step back.  Goyer’s certainly part of the Warner Bros. family, and a guy they’ve trusted before on superhero projects, but as of today, he’s not the guy writing the new Superman film. 

That’s not to say he won’t sign on later.  I would imagine he’s a strong candidate for the job.  But I’m already seeing people who are getting upset because they hate John Byrne and they read that this is being based on his work, or because they don’t like Braniac.  It seems premature to get too invested in any of those details. 

It’s not time for Superman to suit up just yet.

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