‘Deadpool’ casts Morena Baccarin as female lead, but which love interest is she?

02.18.15 3 years ago

Everyone”s favorite Companion (no, not the “Doctor Who” kind) is returning to the big screen. Morena Baccarin has been cast as the female lead in Fox”s live-action “Deadpool” movie.

According to THR, Baccarin was on the shortlist to play Ryan Reynolds” unnamed love interest. Apparently, her character “grapples with falling for a man with a hideously scarred face.”

That”s a…specific choice of words. Baccarin”s character won”t be grappling with Deadpool”s multiple personalities, his cavalier attitude towards death and dismemberment, or his depression. She”ll be sad that his face is messed up.

Now this could be poor word choice…or it could mean Baccarin is playing the Shiklah. Please let her be playing the Succubus Queen. Comic book Shiklah never cared about Wade”s appearance, but it”s that would be a small script tweak. Why cast someone who oozes confident sex appeal if you aren't going to take advantage of it? 

Basically, I just want to see this happen:

But Deadpool has had many raven-haired ladies in his life. Baccarin could be anyone from Carmelita Camacho to the tattoo artist Anastasia to Mercedes Wilson. She could be a composite of all those characters or none of them. Wade gets around a lot.

Who do y'all hope Morena Baccarin is playing?

“Deadpool” is currently slated to hit theaters in early 2016.

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