Deer Tick first indie band selected for ‘BriTunes’

05.11.09 9 years ago

Can’t he just stick with reading the nightly news? NBC News anchor Brian Williams is starting his own online music interview series called “BriTunes.” The show launches tonight with a profile of Brooklyn-based, alternative band Deer Tick, whom Rolling Stone picked as the biggest emerging band from South By Southwest.

Williams makes no secret of his love for music and is a longtime music fan. On his Daily Nightly blog, he often talks about music and what he’s listening to. We checked out the Deer Tick entry: it’s charmingly low-key and there is one unintentionally hilarious moment that stumps Williams. It’s mainstream exposure for bands that hipsters will already be well aware of, but it’s not meant for that level of discovery. Deer Tick’s second full-length CD, “Born on Flag Day,” comes out June 23 on Partisan Records.

Williams explains BriTunes on the site and says don’t blame him for the hokey moniker. “Okay, so I didn’t name this thing, but I did come up with the idea,” he says. “I have always loved identifying good music and good groups — discovering them early (bar bands are best) and following them through their journey. While we’ll interview some established musicians, mostly I’d like this to be a place where people can sample some of the great music being created every day, by talented musicians who wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.”

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