Watch: Demi Lovato’s new video for ‘Heart Attack’

04.10.13 5 years ago

In the new video for  “Heart Attack,” Demi Lovato”s current single, there are two Lovatos duking it out. There”s the mankiller Lovato, a full-on rocker Lovato with her kohl-lined eyes, wind-machine blown hair, and the vulnerable Lovato, with minimal make-up, face freshly scrubbed with her hair pulled back,trading verses.

They”re meant to provide a contrast between the Lovato who can love ’em and leave ’em when she doesn”t really care about the dude vs. the Lovato who thinks she”ll have the titular “heart attack” if she really has to show what the feels.

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It”s a performance clip with a twist and Lovato looks beautiful both ways, even when she decides to get, literally, dirty by smearing black paint over herself to symbolize her fears.

The song, Lovato”s follow-up to “Give Your Heart A Break,” highlights her strong vocal range, which has drawn comparisons to Kelly Clarkson.

“Heart Attack” reached No. 12 on Billboard”s Hot 100. It is the first single from her fourth studio album, “Demi,” which will come out May 14.

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