‘Demon Knight’ Turns 20: 10 reasons the horror-comedy classic deserves our admiration

02.04.15 3 years ago

All hail a cult classic.

When “Demon Knight” premiered in theaters in January 1995, the kickoff to Universal's would-be “Tales from the Crypt” big-screen franchise suffered from generally negative reviews and mild box-office – only to develop a healthy cult following among lovers of old-school creature features in the intervening years. I remember seeing it on a Friday night in a packed house and loving every minute of it, from Billy Zane's over-the-top bad guy to those A-grade practical monster effects.

Though the Ernest R. Dickerson-directed film was followed by two inferior movies – 1996's heinous Dennis Miller vehicle “Bordello of Blood” and 2002's “Ritual” – “Demon Knight” holds up one of the best horror-comedies of the 1990s. As it hits the two-decade mark, I'm counting down 10 reasons why it deserves our admiration.

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