Desiree of ‘The Bachelor’ talks about her jerk brother and losing Sean

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Desiree Hartsock, the latest girl kicked to the curb by Sean Lowe on “The Bachelor,” won fans with her bubbly personality, loving nature and sense of humor, plus won sympathy when her brother Nathan was a complete jerk during the home visits. When Sean rejected Desiree, even he had to admit he might have made a mistake. In a conference call with journalists, Harsock discussed her brother, being the next “Bachelorette” and why she thinks things went wrong with Sean. 

When asked about whether Nathan was at fault for Sean’s decision to send her packing, Hartsock admitted, “I don’t think my brother helped my chances. I think it did have something to do with Sean’s decision, but ultimately he made the best decision he could. There may be a better explanation at [the episode titled] “The Women Tell All?” 

Still, she’s not mad at Nathan or Sean. “I’m not mad, and I was never mad at Sean. In that moment, I was very, very upset with my brother. I know that he was very skeptical, but I had no idea it was going to go that far. I don’t justify anything he said or the way he said it to Sean. He had a strong opinion of our relationship. Looking back, I can’t stay mad at him, because it all works out for the better. I can move on and know Sean and I aren’t meant to be together.” 

She also said suggestions that Nathan wanted air time or on drugs were unfounded. “My brother said those things because he doesn’t believe in reality TV. He wants to pursue [a career as a] missionary, so he doesn’t do drugs or anything like that. It’s completely far off from the way I think; I’m not very close from my brother, so there’s a disconnect from what was shown and what our lives are really like as a family. I love my brother and I do value his opinions, but that would never steer me one way or the other.”

She also addressed Sean’s claims that something was lacking in his relationship with her. “Looking back, I may have put up more of a guard than the other girls… It may take me a little longer to say I love you because I want to make sure it’s right. That may be where it’s lacking.”

As to what Hartsock meant when she told Sean she was always taken for granted, she said, “I was referring mainly to past relationships and even friendships, because I do care about other people more than I do myself. Mainly that was just past relationships I was referring to and for some reason in that moment I was feeling the same.” 

Though she said during the break-up with Sean that he was making a huge mistake, she now admits she didn’t know how quickly things were moving with the other women. “In the moment, I felt we had the best connection, that I embodied all the qualities he wanted in a wife. However, looking back, he did have great relationships with the other girls. All things happen for a reason, so I don’t think it was a mistake.”

But would she consider becoming the next “Bachelorette”? She’s certainly not saying no. “It was a very emotionally draining experience,” she said. “If I were offered the opportunity, I would definitely have to think about it and make sure I’m ready to get back on that emotional roller coaster. I do believe in the process and…my feelings were real, so I would consider [it].”

Though Chris Harrison has said he thought Sean rejected the love of his life when he sent Desiree packing, she isn’t so sure. “From the beginning I feel Sean and I had a natural chemistry that really did shine, I think a lot of people could see that. Being in those circumstances, it’s not all about having chemistry. I don’t really know what to say with that…Sean knew what he was doing with each relationship. I think he ended up choosing the love of his life, and that’s not me.”

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