‘Dexter’ goes out with an awful series finale

09.23.13 4 years ago

“Dexter” goes out with an awful series finale
The final episode was in line with the disappointing final season, says Todd VanDerWerff. “The series seemed all along as if it were building toward a conclusion where Dexter would be forced to turn on friends and co-workers to preserve himself, escaping from Miami by the skin of his teeth, or perhaps living his life in a jail cell…By the time it ended, even though (Deb) knew her brother’s secret for two seasons, it was unable to view the protagonist as anything other than a public good, like a library, and, thus, it could not imprison him or even punish him in the slightest.” PLUS: Producers defend the final season, this is what happens when you overstay your welcome, the writers seemed to be phoning it in all season, the series finale was unbelievably awful, ranking all 8 “Dexter” seasons, and Jennifer Carpenter reacts to the finale.

Nigel Lythgoe was shocked “The Voice” won after many years of “Idol” snubs

He expressed his frustration on Twitter, calling “Idol” “The first, the best and the program that changed the face of TV.” PLUS: Mark Burnett explains why “The Voice” and “Idol” shouldn’t be compared.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: How I came up with my Emmy “Veep” skit with Tony Hale

“It was like a lightning bolt, it just struck me,” she says of her funny acceptance. “I called Tony this afternoon and he was game, all I had to do was win.” PLUS: “Veep” characters become shorthand for Washington types.

Is “Breaking Bad” trying out several alternate endings?
Each of the past few weeks has given Walter White a different kind of ending. This week, it was “The Shield” alternate ending. PLUS: The cabin was built in New Mexico by “Breaking Bad” crew, “Breaking Bad” has become a post-apocalyptic thriller, the cast and crew yell “Emmy’s bitch,” watch the Emmy’s “Breaking Bad” dance number, the racial politics of “Breaking Bad,” “Granite State” was profound without being epic, this was Flynn’s finest hour, check out The New Yorker’s “Breaking Bad”-themed cover, the Nazis have exposed “Breaking Bad,” and why “Breaking Bad’s” Emmy win is so stunning.

“Marvel”s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” earns more than 1 million Facebook likes
That’s a record for a new series, but will it make a difference for this week’s premiere.

Piers Morgan continues taunting Jon Stewart
After Stephen Colbert broke Stewart’s 10-year Emmy win streak, the CNN star tweeted: “CNN BREAKING NEWS > It’s over for Jon Stewart.”

Tina Fey: There’s a downside to Cecily Strong joining “Weekend Update”

“She’s a good choice,” says the host of this week’s “SNL” season premiere. “The one thing that will be sad is she’s really great at Weekend Update features, so we’ll miss that.” PLUS: When will Fey do “Parks and Rec”?

“Downton Abbey” Season 4 premieres to massive ratings in UK
About 9.5 million watched over the weekend, up from 8.6 million last year.

A “China Beach” novel is in the works
Co-creator John Sacret Young is working on a book that would reunite the characters of the ABC drama starring Dana Delany.

Alexander Skarsgård was supposed to wear a “sack of destiny” on “True Blood”
Stephen Moyer says Eric wasn’t supposed to get naked.

“Mad Men” blamed for rise in sales of Lucky Strike cigarettes

The cigarettes, owned by British American Tobacco, sold 33 billion packs last year, compared to 23 billion when the AMC series first premiered in 2007.

Check out “Once Upon a Time’s” Little Mermaid
Here’s JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Ariel.

Mila Kunis’ 1st kiss was on “That ’70s Show” with Ashton Kutcher
Laura Prepon revealed that and said she’s not surprised they’re together in real life.

Andy Samberg weds

The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star tied the knot Saturday with singer-songwriter Joanna Newson.

Emmys reunite Amy Poehler & Will Arnett
The former couple were spotted sitting together backstage. PLUS: Arnett was asked about his wife on the red carpet.

Casey Wilson engaged to the creator of “Happy Endings”
She’s set to marry boyfriend of two years David Caspe.

“Gossip Girl’s” Kaylee DeFer welcomes her first child
She delivered a baby boy on Friday.

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