‘Dexter’ Season 6 poster introduces an Avenging Angel

08.12.11 6 years ago 5 Comments


Showtime has released a creepy new piece of key art for the upcoming sixth season of “Dexter” and it’s sure to have spiritually inclined tongues a-wagging.
In the poster, Michael C. Hall’s Dexter seems to have sprouted wings of blood, confirming (or reaffirming) comments made at Comic-Con and then at the Television Critics Association press tour that religion and faith will be important aspects to this season.
The upcoming theme is so blatant in the first teaser trailer that one critic asked Showtime Entertainment President David Nevins if Dexter will be taking on Jesus this season.
“No, he”s not going to take on Jesus. He’s confronting questions. Jesus will not be in the show this year,” Nevins replied. “But he”s confronting, I think, what”s it”s a really powerful story this season. Questions of spirituality, what do I believe. And it really comes, in the case of Dexter, from what do I want to pass on to my son. That question becomes a really present issue for him. What does it mean to raise a child given the dark passenger that I”m carrying around with me? And that”s what sort of drives this season. And it ties into a a larger criminal story with Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos that has its own spiritual significance.”
“Dexter” won’t return until Sunday, October 2. 
But for now, check out this Avenging Angel poster.

Key art for Showtime's

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