DirecTV will launch ‘Damages’ Season 4 in Summer 2011

11.18.10 7 years ago 24 Comments


It’s not quite a premiere date yet, but DirecTV has announced that the fourth season of “Damages” will launch in the summer of 2011.
DirecTV acquired exclusive rights to the fourth and fifth season of the Emmy-winning drama back in July when it became clear that FX wasn’t going to stick with the show’s combination of high costs and low ratings.
Unlike DirecTV’s relationship with “Friday Night Lights,” which is a first-run exclusivity with an NBC second-window of airings, “Damages” will only air on DirecTV.
The last original episode of “Damages” aired in April on FX, meaning that the show’s fans will have a wait of well over a year between seasons. 
We guess that’s preferable to cancellation, right?
As part of DirecTV’s deal, the service also acquired rights to the first three seasons of “Damages.” The 101 Network will begin airing Season 1 on Wednesday, January 5. The second season will premiere on Wednesday, April 6 and the third season will premiere on Wednesday, May 25.
Stay tuned for an official “Damages” premiere date when it is announced.

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