Disney looking to reboot ‘The Rocketeer’ with black female lead

07.28.16 1 year ago

Here”s a blast from the past.

Disney is looking to bring The Rocketeer back to the big screen in what”s being termed a sequel-reboot (whatever that means), this according to The Hollywood Reporter. The publication has equally interesting news – the next iteration of the 1991 movie will feature a black female as the main character.

For those unfamiliar with the original flick, it starred Billy Campbell as a stunt pilot who unearths a jetpack which he uses to fly around and fight Nazis. The movie also featured Jennifer Connelly and Timothy Dalton. It was based on the graphic novel of the same name.

The Rocketeer underperformed at the box office and received mixed reviews from critics. On a production budget of an unadjusted $35 million, the movie made just $46 million. The film, according to an interview with Rocketeer creator Dave Stevens, was initially supposed to be part of a trilogy, but that never came to pass. As recently as 2012, Disney attempted to reboot the concept, but again, the idea crash landed.

With the new iteration, Disney will be working with Max Winkler and Matt Spicer. It will be produced by Brigham Taylor as well as, and this is a weird one, L.A. Clippers star Blake Griffin and Ryan Kalil from the Carolina Panthers. Griffin and Kalil are venturing into show business with Mortal Media.

No talent is attached and no release date has yet been revealed.

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