‘District 9’s’ Sharlto Copley could join ‘Number Four’

04.14.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

AP Photo/Michael Spingler

A year ago no one had a clue who Sharlto Copley was.  In fact, if you’d even seen the initial teaser trailer for his big screen debut, “District 9,” you probably weren’t even sure his character was the star of the film.  Eight months later, “District 9’s” a blockbuster, landed a Best Picture nomination and Copley’s mug is recognized around the world.  Capitalizing on his good fortune, the South African has already made his second feature, the big screen adaptation of “The A-Team” where he plays Howling Mad Murdock, but now he may return to the world of science fiction for his third Hollywood project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Copley is in talks with DreamWorks to join the cast of the studio’s new thriller “I Am Number Four.”  “Beastly’s” Alex Pettyfer is already on board in the title role as “Four,” one of many young aliens who are hiding on Earth after their home planet was destroyed (yes, it has numerous winks to the “Superman” origin).  The trade reports Copley would play Pettyfer’s Earth guardian and mentor.

D.J. Caruso of “Suburbia” and “Eagle Eye” fame is directing, and production is expected to begin relatively soon.  DreamWorks Studios, as its now referred to after segueing from Paramount to Disney, has already set a release date of Feb. 18, 2011 for the flick.

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