‘Doctor Who’ puts together all 11 Doctors in 1 image

10.19.13 4 years ago

“Doctor Who” puts together all 11 Doctors in 1 image

The image was released as the BBC’s is preparing to reveal a new trailer tonight featuring 50 years of “Who.” UPDATE: Watch the “Day of the Doctor” trailer.

Fox will preview J.J. Abrams’ “Almost Human” during “Bones”
The futuristic robot cop drama will get a special preview during Monday’s “Bones” episode, at 8:25 pm.

Vince Gilligan: “Breaking Bad’s” ending was NOT a dream
Gilligan also says the writers considered killing Baby Holly. PLUS: Here are the “Granite State” film canisters that were crushed by an airplane.

“The Mentalist” makes Rockmond Dunbar a series regular
The former “Prison Break” star had initially signed up for three episodes.

“Monday Night Football” will have its worst-ever matchup in its 44-year history
ESPN is paying $104 million for Monday’s game between the 1-4 Vikings and 0-6 Giants.

Did “SNL’s” “gender equality movement” leave out black women?
The women on the cast took over the show during Tina Fey’s time, yet “Saturday Night Live” was still left with black men in drag playing black women. PLUS: Why are there so few black women in improv groups?

James Van Der Beek is returning to “HIMYM”

He’ll reprise his role as Robin”s first boyfriend Simon.

“The Americans” casts a Cartoon Network star to play a Sandinista freedom fighter
Aimee Carrero recently appeared on “Level Up.”

See the “Boy Meets World” cast, reunited

Cory, Topanga and Co. came together for Entertainment Weekly’s Reunions issue.

“Smallville’s” Tom Welling hit with divorce papers

Welling and his wife Jamie have been married for a decade.

MTV orders comedies about a high school and a theme park
Coming soon: “Faking It” and “Happyland.”

Andie McDowell is done with “Girls” after watching Season 1
“I watched the whole first season of Girls with my daughters,” says the “Cedar Cove” star. “I probably won”t watch the second season-it was too immature for me-but it was interesting. I”m going to sound like an ancient person, but I was rather shocked at what they can show on TV now!” PLUS: Go behind the scenes of “Girls” Season 3.

Amanda Plummer to guest on “Hannibal”
The “Pulp Fiction” star will play an acupuncturist who causes trouble.

Donald Trump: I’ve invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow

“I know for a fact that he wants very much to come,” says The Donald, “but we’ll have to see. We haven’t heard yet, but we have invited him.”

Watch “The Crazy Ones” cast learn of their pickup
The Robin Williams-Sarah Michelle Gellar comedy has averaged 13.7 million viewers.

Mayim Bialik sues over car accident that nearly left her without a hand
The “Big Bang Theory” star was hit by a car filled with Chilean tourists last August.

Dolly Parton will play herself in a Lifetime Christmas movie
The country legend has joined the cast of “A Country Christmas Story,” airing Nov. 9.

“Queer Eye” guys reunite on Sunday

Carson Kressley and Ted Allen will talk about how the Bravo show prompted them to come out.

Gordon Ramsay’s original British “Kitchen Nightmares” is now on Netflix
And unlike the American version, it’s actually tolerable to watch.

Why can’t “Boardwalk Empire” capture any buzz?
The HBO series is quite good, but few are talking about it. PLUS: There are no more good guys left.

Bob Odenkirk’s “The Birthday Boys”: Have we reached a sketch comedy saturation point?

The IFC show is yet another sketch comedy with a white male sensibility. PLUS: Meet “The Birthday Boys.”

Starz goes back to the 1930s for “Dancing on the Edge”

The British series follows a group of black jazz performers in London.

“Revenge” teases a “love rhombus”
What is a love rhombus? It’s a love triangle with one extra person.

The Olsen Twins wore Chanel and Marc Jacobs on “Full House”
That’s how Mary-Kate and Ashley got their fashion inspiration.

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