‘Doctor Who’ vet Christopher Eccleston says he’s done with ‘Thor’

and 07.07.14 3 years ago

Marvel Studios

(CBR) Christopher Eccleston passed on the opportunity to return to “Doctor Who,” and he”s equally likely to reject any offers to reprise his role as “Thor: The Dark World” villain Malekith the Accursed.

Not that a return to Malekith makes much sense, considering the Dark Elf was crushed and killed by the end of the 2013 sequel. Still, should Marvel ask Eccleston to cameo as the universe-threatening menace in a future film, he”s not inclined to accept the offer.

“I don”t think I”d like to revisit six hours of makeup every day,” he told MTV. “And I think Malekith has served his time. The way of the Marvel films, the Thor films, they have a new villain every time.”

Interestingly, Eccleston is much more amenable to returning to a different superhero franchise: “Heroes,” returning in 2015 as “Heroes Reborn.” Eccleston starred in the first season of the NBC superhero series as Claude Rains, an invisible lowlife who mentors Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) for a brief time.

“I had a great time on that show,” Eccleston said, “I”d always be interested. That was a great character. I love that guy.”

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