Does Hugh Jackman believe Wolverine can join the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

02.11.15 3 years ago

NEW YORK – Monday night's announcement that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios had come to an agreement to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (aka the “Avengers” Universe) set Hollywood and movie fans into a tizzy over the possibilities.  Spider-Man had been, effectively, on his own island since Sony controlled the big screen rights to the Web Slinger.  Now, he can join his fellow “Avengers” in whatever cinematic adventures that might bring.

What many fans might not realize is that Spider-Man has only been an Avenger in the Marvel Comic Book Universe for about 10 years.  Moreover, Spidey wasn't the only big name to join these “new” Avengers at the time.  The Avengers also brought a major mutant force, Wolverine, into the fold.  Everyone's favorite “X-Men” member is part of a third Marvel Mutant Universe controlled by 20th Century Fox.  The chances of Fox making a deal with Marvel Studios similar to what Sony pulled off are slight (Sony's “Spider-Man” franchise needed the help), but this was inconceivable just three years ago.  Could Logan find his way to fight alongside Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and, yes, Spider-Man on the big screen?

HitFix spoke to none other than Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, at a press day yesterday for his upcoming Sci-Fi movie “Chappie.”  Jackman, who is about to play Wolverine for the eighth time in Bryan Singer's upcoming “X-Men: Apocalypse” had no qualms discussing the possibility.

“I'm an optimist so I always think there is a possibility, but I don't really know,” Jackman says. “There is a lot of sort of behind the scenes things going on, very valid, 'Who will pay for this? Who will pay for that? Who is going to get properties? Who is going to get value out of what?'”

Jackman continues, “But, at the very purist sense, I love that essence of comic books where on a Friday night Chris Claremont can be having a beer with Stan Lee and he can go, 'I dunno, let's say Batman fight Wolverine who is sort of having an affair with Jean Grey' and then by Monday morning they are making it. I like that freedom. I think that's what comic book love is like.”

You can watch Jackman's comments in the video embedded at the top of this post.  Will Jackman be around long enough to actually fight alongside Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth?  Only time and the bean counters at 20th Century Fox and the Walt Disney Corporation will tell.

The former Oscar host nominee will be seen next in “Chappie” which opens on March 6. He'll then be seen as the infamous Blackbeard the Pirate in Joe Wright's “Pan” this July.

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