Does New U2 Single “Get On Your Boots” Kick It?

01.19.09 9 years ago 5 Comments


This is what we were waiting for? “Get on Your Boots,” The first single from U2’s forthcoming album, “No Line on the Horizon,” came out today. Our one-sentence synopsis: it’s a cross between “Vertigo” and Escape Club’s one and only hit, “Wild, Wild West”

“Boots” opens with a drum blast from Larry Mullen Jr. and never gives up, but it doesn’t really build either. Instead, it weaves in and out of several different styles and themes. Lyrically, Bono veers from addressing the addled world politic to declaring “Let me in the sound” to crooning “You don’t know how beautiful you are.”

Rather than a cohesive song with a traditional verse and chorus, Bono and the boys from Dublin have given us a mash up of various electronic sonic soundscapes united by Edge’s always inspired guitar playing. Sadly, it’s more interesting to dissect it than feel any emotional connection to it.

The world could use a unifying anthem from U2-not that we’ve worn out “Pride (In the Name of Love,” by any means-and this ain’t it. We have a hunch there are songs like that on the new album based on what we knew, but, an act like U2 doesn’t trot out the album’s masterpiece as the first single. So we’ve been given this warm-up act of a song.
U2 has seldom played it safe and they don’t here, but they don’t create anything particularly inventive here. This one will go over better live than on disc and, in the meantime, we’ll bide our time until March 3, when “Horizon” is released.

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