Does ‘Too Many Cooks’ mean everything or nothing?

11.11.14 3 years ago

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Does “Too Many Cooks” mean everything or nothing?
“What did it all mean?” asks Ian Crook. “Maybe everything: it was a postmodern satire of television and Web culture, a commentary on the power of nostalgia, a glimpse at the violence that lurks within us all. Perhaps it was a deconstruction on the very idea of virality itself: it”s the Internet that has too many cooks, and all of us, together, with our sharing and repeated clever comments and urge to be the first to share what thousands of others have already shared, have spoiled the broth. Or else it meant nothing, and quit it, you dummies.” PLUS: “Too Many Cooks” is the smartest critique of our changing TV landscape, it subverts our expectations of nostalgia, the “definitive” ranking of every character, “Too Many Cooks” creator says “I hate to talk about it too much,” “Too Many Cooks” is set in Denver, and how to get the “Two Many Cooks” song out of your head.

USA renews “Graceland”
The law enforcement drama will be back for a 3rd season.

“Today” lands an exclusive interview with disgraced NFL star Ray Rice
Matt Lauer will sit down with the former Baltimore Ravens player who was booted for punching out his then-fiancee.

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“Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter to host tonight”s “Anarchy Afterward”
Tonight”s aftershow will feature guests Charlie Hunnam, Tommy Flanagan, Kim Coates and Walter Goggins.

Craig Ferguson shows off his “Movember” mustache
“The Late Late Show” host is already getting hate for his new facial hair.

Petition calls on Discovery Channel to drop “Eaten Alive”
More than 25,000 have requested that Discovery not proceed with the snake-swallows-man special.

Does “Gotham” have a young Bruce Wayne problem?
Everything apart from the young Bruce Wayne has been good so far. But producers haven”t proven they could integrate him into the show”s many plots. PLUS: Oswald Cobblepot is the breakout character of “Gotham,” and a NYC cop lands role as a “Gotham” cop.

Read an oral history of “Supernatural” as it celebrates 200 episodes
At first, says creator Eric Kripke, he tried to pitch a “Scooby Doo” rip off. Then it became a “Nightstalker” rip off. Then Kripke recalls, “I said, 'forget the reporter, we should do this show as “Route 66,” two cool guys in a classic car cruising the country, chasing down these urban legends,' and literally right on the spot I said 'and they”re brothers,” because it popped in my head. 'And they”re dealing with their family stuff and they”re fighting evil.”” PLUS: Ranking “Supernatural”s” 40 best episodes, Kripke sees “Supernatural” as the kid he sent to college, Misha Collins recalls his “badass introduction,” and Jared Padalecki doubts “Supernatural” would”ve survived had it premiered 5 years earlier.

Pat Sajak walks off the “Wheel of Fortune” set
Sajak has a minor meltdown after contestants kept failing to get the puzzle right.

“Jeopardy!”s” Tournament of Champions features the return of Arthur Chu and Julia Collins
Chu makes his return tonight, while Collins is back on Wednesday. PLUS: “Jeopardy!” is trying to be hip with a Twitter parody category.

Kendra Wilkinson is competing on Britain”s “I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”
The “Kendra on Top” star is the latest American reality star to appear on British TV.

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