Download for free: The Fray’s new video for ‘Heartbeat’

11.15.11 6 years ago

The Fray”s Isaac Slade may want to “kiss your scars tonight” as he sings in the group”s new single, “Heartbeat,” but he also wants you to download the video for free.

The video for the track, which is soaring up Billboard”s Adult Pop Songs chart and this week is sandwiched between, oddly enough, Nickelback and LMFAO, premiered today on iTunes.

The clip is a simple enough affair of the band gathering buddies for a beach bonfire and impromptu concert in one of those videos where it magically goes from day to night and no one ever had to put out the flames. Justin Francis, who”s helmed videos for Weezer, Eminem, and the Cure, filmed the clip just north of Malibu.

“Heartbeat” is the first single from the Grammy-nominated group”s third album, “Scars & Stories,” which comes out Feb. 7 and was produced by Brendan O’Brien. Though the lyrics have been scrubbed of any direct references to it, the track was inspired by a woman Slade met while traveling through South Africa and Rwanda and the immediate connection the two made.

The video will start streaming on Vevo on Thursday and we”ll embed it then, but if you”re a Fray fan, we didn”t want you to miss the opportunity to download it for free here.

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