‘Dragon Ball Z’ Gets A New Animated Movie, Anime Nostalgia Reaches Critical Mass

06.20.14 8 Comments

It's been seventeen years for us, but only months for the 'Dragon Ball Z' cast. Which, if you know anything about the formatting of this soap opera for tweens, seems right on schedule.

'DragonBall Z: Battle of the Gods' picks up right where we left off. If you haven't recently binge-watched the show (because really who has time to watch Goku shout 'Kamehameha!!!' while charging up his lasers for six hours these days?) when we last left our heroes, they'd just defeated Majin Buu.

Destroying such a worthy foe summons this giant hairless cat named Beerus from his slumber. Because cats are assholes, Beerus wants to destroy Earth in order to provoke Goku into joining him in glorious battle…and I assume thus alleviate his boredom. Basically Beerus is treating the Z-fighters with all the respect my cat gives a hair tie he found under the fridge. ENTERTAIN ME OR DIE!


With the revitalization of the 'Sailor Moon' franchise to be more in sync with the original manga, it's no surprise FUNimation picked up the other half of Toonami's late 90s powerhouse line-up. The time to strike is now, while the nostalgia iron is hot! I swear, if we don't get a reboot of 'Gundam Wing' soon teenage me will be very disappointed because wow, those were some good looking angsty animated teens. ANYWAY…

Because half the cast has already reached the impossible Over 9000 rating, the next step is obviously godhood. If Goku cannot reach the latest legendary Saiyan level of Super Saiyan God, all hope for the universe is lost. 

After the travesty that is the Live Action Movie That Must Not Be Named, fans will be happy to know the original Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama has returned to help pen this delightfully unexpected sequel to everyone's favorite story about weird humanoid alien monkeys.

'Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods' will debut in America in limited release on August 5, 6, 7 & 9. 

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