Drake drove in snow for you on newly leaked song ‘How About Now’

10.20.14 3 years ago

A teenager on Reddit claims to have uncovered an “exclusive” leak of the new Drake tune “How About Now,” and right about now you serve to benefit from it.

The Toronto rapper seems to have gone the minimalist route on this lover's kiss-off, with a dash of a Jodeci sample — “My Heart Belongs to You,” to be specific.

“Remember I deleted all my other girls numbers out the phone for ya / remember when you had to take the bar exam, I drove in the snow for ya,” he lopes. THE SNOW, ladies. Give the man a chance.

Another sizzling detail on “How About Now” is the voicemail left at the beginning. It sounds an awful lot like Nicki Minaj, who left Drake breathless in her “Anaconda” video. The two have been always been rumored to be romantically linked, as you do, which would make this another twist in the soap opera that is the House of Young Money. Total doubts that it's Barbz herself, since then there'd be legal drama sprinkled on top. But still, what're you saying, Drizzy? An official release of the song might make it seem less… icy.

Or maybe this “leak” was handlers' way of taking attention away from that Drake airball. We. Saw. It.

Drake's “Views from the 6” album is rumored for a late 2014 or early 2015 release.

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