Drew Barrymore’s ‘Whip It’ trailer debuts

07.15.09 8 years ago

Fox Searchlight

Kristen Wiig is playing a roller derby goddess named “Maggie Mayhem”?

Ticket.  Sold.

Actually, this script had a good reputation anyway, having found a spot on the 2007 Black List, and then Drew Barrymore cast the crap out of it when she signed on to make her directorial debut.  She’s in it, as well, but the star appears to be Ellen Page, playing a girl who hasn’t figured herself out yet, until she sees roller derby and decides she wants to beat the hell out of other girls on wheels.

*sniffle*  Gets ya’ right here, don’t it?

Actually, I like the trailer.  It’s funny, and aggressive, and I’ll bet you Barrymore was the perfect person to create a sense of comraderie on that set.  I’m sure it won’t reinvent the genre, but I’m getting a distinct vibe here of a film a la “A League Of Their Own,” one that’s got such a finely tuned sense of itself that it overcomes cliche.

Check out the embedded trailer after the jump, or check it out in high-definition on Yahoo!, where it premiered today.

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