Drew Goddard: Reported ‘World War Z’ problems have been exaggerated

07.31.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

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“World War Z” has been dogged by negative press for some time now.

First, the film got in hot water with hungarian authorities. Then, after being initially scheduled for this fall, it was pushed back until next summer due to production delays. The pricey Brad Pitt starrer, based on Max Brooks’ book about a worldwide zombie infestation, is being directed by Marc Forster. 

Recently, when screenwriter Drew Goddard (“Cabin in the Woods,” “Lost”) was brought in, it was rumored that the film was troubled, and that Goddard was writing all new material to be shot (or re-shot). 

That’s not the case, however, according to Goddard.

“I think a lot of that got blown out of proportion,” he told Collider. “It really was like, they asked me to come look at the movie and give ideas on how to help, and that”s what happened. That happens all the time, I don”t know why this got blown up with ‘World War Z’ and it suddenly became a big thing. It”s the sort of thing that happens with screenwriters all the time where you give your ideas on what could help, you write some scenes for people…”

He continued, “I feel bad for the sort of magnifying glass that that movie”s under because this is just a normal part of the process, this is just what happens… My involvement was just watch the movie, give some ideas, write some scenes that might help, ADR, just sort of fill in stuff, which is what I did.”

 “World War Z” also stars Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) and Matthew Fox (“Lost”). It opens June 21, 2013.

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