Duck Commander 500: NASCAR hooks up with “Duck Dynasty”

02.06.14 4 years ago

Duck Commander 500: NASCAR hooks up with “Duck Dynasty”
Texas Motor Speedway announced that its NASCAR race for the next three years will be known as the Duck Commander 500.

Charlie Sheen is now threatening Ashton Kutcher

“you ever tell me to shut the F*** up, EVER again, and I’ll put you on a hospital food diet for a year,” Sheen wrote on Twitter, hours after a tweet in which he said he was “so sorry.”

AMC is officially developing “Preacher” with producer Seth Rogen

The 1990s twisted comic book series is being developed with Rogen and his producing partner Evan Goldberg.

“Michael J. Fox Show” producer: Our 7 remaining episodes could still air, including “Back to the Future” reunion
“We’re not in the same boat as ‘Sean Saves the World,'” says exec producer Alex Reid. “We’ve got seven episodes that NBC likes and wants to air.”

Michael J. Fox will be back on “The Good Wife” now that his show is done

He’ll reprise his role as Louis Canning for multiple episodes.

“The Bachelor’s” Clare denies having sex in the ocean with Juan Pablo
“I don’t think it was made clear by anybody that that’s not what happened …  that wasn’t my intention going into it (and) everyone in the situation knows that’s not what happened,” she says.

“The Biggest Loser’s” shocking weight-loss: What’s the big deal?
“How exactly did ‘TBL’s’ viewers and creators expect this to go?” says  Katy Waldman. “‘The Biggest Loser’ is a competition about who can lose the most weight. The person who sheds more pounds than all the other people wins $250,000. It is not about who can adopt the healthiest lifestyle or reclaim the most self-esteem.”

George Clooney recounts his prank on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Clooney also apologized to Matt Damon for using him to play the prank, but hinted than even bigger prank might be in the works.

Oprah is in talks to make her Broadway debut
She would star opposite Audra McDonald in a revival of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play “‘Night, Mother.”

Watch a preview of Rosie’s return to “The View”
“It feels kind of weird, but good weird,” she says upon her entrance.

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