‘Duck Dynasty’ stars sign on for more seasons after getting a big raise

08.13.13 4 years ago

“Duck Dynasty” stars sign on for more seasons after getting a big raise

The entire clan will receive $200,000 an episode, which is four to five times their previous salary.

Teen who died of cancer turned down an offer to hear how “Breaking Bad” ends
In this week’s “Breaking Bad” podcast, Vince Gilligan tells the story of 16-year-old Kevin Cordasco, whom this week’s episode was dedicated to. Gilligan offered to tell Cordasco the “Breaking Bad” ending last October, as long as he promised not to tell anybody else. But Cordasco declined, saying he wanted to watch it himself. Cordasco died in the spring, and the writers added something to this season in his honor. PLUS: Aaron Paul answers questions on Reddit, and watch the full “MythBusters” “Breaking Bad” special.

Shark Week 2013 was the biggest ever
Not only did this year’s Shark Week surpass all previous Shark Weeks, but the controversial fake documentary “Megalodon” was the most-watched program in Shark Week history.

“Hawaii Five-0” books Nick Jonas
He’ll guest as a computer hacker.

“NCIS” creates a character to replace Ziva
A casting call notice has gone out for the female character Bishop.

HBO orders “The Money” pilot from David Milch

The “Deadwood” creator is turning his attention to the wealthy elite, with Brendan Gleeson as his star.

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