Elisabeth Hasselbeck boosts ‘Fox & Friends’

10.15.13 4 years ago

Elisabeth Hasselbeck boosts “Fox & Friends”
Numbers are up 22% in total viewers and 16% in the demo.

“Catfish” star dies suddenly at 26

Michael Fortunato, who died Saturday of a pulmonary embolism, appeared in a Season 2 episode of the MTV series.

“Homeland” boss explains Sunday’s episode

Will we get answers to Brody? PLUS: Why is “Homeland” so terrible this year?

Is “NCIS: LA” losing a character, too?

“What I heard is that there will be a character leaving at the end of this season, or towards the end of this season,” Daniela Ruah tells E! “That’s what I’ve heard. I don’t know who it is. It might be me! Who knows?”

Michelle Obama will return to “The Biggest Loser”
The First Lady will promote her new water-drinking initiative in a November episode of the NBC weightloss reality show.

Watch NBC’s “Goodbye John Munch” promo

This week’s “SVU” officially says farewell to Richard Belzer’s character.

Christina Milian’s “Dancing” elimination shows flaw in new voting system
Milian was eliminated after scoring the first 10 of the season.

“Breaking Bad”-inspired “Dance Bitch” song has become an underground sensation
The Jesse Pinkman techno track came out after the series finale. PLUS: See a clean-shaven Vince Gilligan from Season 1.

Why is masturbation on TV more taboo than actual sex?
The CW’s decision to trim down a “Reign” masturbation scene is befuddling since it’s sandwiched between two sex scenes.

Jimmy Fallon kicks off his “Clean Cut Comedy Tour” with mostly rehashed material
The “Late Night” host, performing in St. Louis, was upstaged by the four comedians opening up for him. PLUS: Watch Fallon’s visit to St. Louis’ NBC affiliate.

Why these 10 TV characters never change their clothes
From Rick Grimes to Dexter Morgan.

Tatiana Maslany on “Parks and Rec”: Watch a preview
The “Orphan Black” star makes her debut on Thursday’s episode.

Betty White is now starring in an airline safety video
Air New Zealand hired White for a safety video set in a retirement home.

“Downton Abbey” characters are the latest to get “Simpson”-ized

See “The Simpsons” version of Charles Carson.

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