Elmo meets ‘Hamilton,’ and his reaction to the American Revolution is the best ever

02.15.16 2 years ago

Hamilton, you simply must meet Elmo. Elmo!

Sesame Street”s resident three-and-a-half-year-old furry red monster delved into American history yet again just in time for Presidents Day. (In the past, he”s helped kids learn about the Gettysburg Address and even became the first monster president.) This time, he visited the Richard Rodgers Theatre to sing with Christopher Jackson (a.k.a. George Washington) for Sunday”s digital Ham4Ham show (the treat given to fans entering the musical“s $10 ticket lottery that started outside the theater but has switched to the much warmer online form during the cold New York winter).

Elmo donned his bicorne hat for the occasion. Check out his adorable responses to “The Story of Tonight” from hit Broadway show Hamilton in the video below:

Apple juice. Duh.

We bet Elmo would get along well with that little Hit-Girl at Comic-Con who didn”t want Batman and Superman to fight.

Also, Jackson”s definition of “glory” is, well, glorious.

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