Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy will be written into ‘Bones’

12.09.14 3 years ago


Emily Deschanel”s pregnancy will be written into “Bones”
“They are going to write it in,” says Deschanel. “As far as I have heard, yes.” PLUS: “Bones” cast members celebrate Episode 200.

Alfonso Ribeiro to follow his “Dancing” championship with a makeover reality show
On “Hometown Rebound,” Ribeiro would help make over an entire community.

Aaron Sorkin thought this week”s “Newsroom” was the first “really good” episode – until he saw the reaction
“This episode was different,” Sorkin said Monday at a Writers Guild Foundation Q&A. “In every regard. First it was different great. … It was the first episode of The Newsroom I thought was really good. It was the first time I didn”t find myself banging my head against a wall feeling like ‘I just cannot get the hang of this.” … until last night. He added, jokingly: “It lasted 6 hours.”

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What if “Seinfeld” was “Serial”?
The Seinfeld2000 Twitter account has created a “Seinfeld”-themed “Serial”-ized podcast.

Lena Dunham: “I have been attacked online with violent and misogynistic language”
The “Girls” star has penned an essay for Buzzfeed in reaction to the backlash over her book”s rape story. “I have had my character and credibility questioned at every turn,” she says. PLUS: Dunham buys a $5M Brooklyn apartment.

“Mythbusters” to run all of its 220 episodes over 10 days
The Science Channel mega-marathon kicks off on Dec. 24.

Subaru to increase its presence on “Portlandia”
The car company has sponsored the IFC series since the beginning. For Season 5, there will be three sketches revolving around Subaru.

“SNL”s” Leslie Jones: “Black does not crack. And yes, I'm 47 years young!”
In a Reddit AMA, Jones revealed her real age and recounted her blunder from the Chris Rock episode: “It was the first sketch I ever did. I got confused with stage direction, and literally did not know what color I was on the cue cards, so I just froze! Hey people, it's live TV, and the experience has made me a better performer. AND took away the fear of being in sketches!”

John McCain expects daughter Meghan to land another TV show
“I think she will stay in the business,” the senator said in reaction to Pivot canceling “Take Back Live,” starring Meghan McCain. “I”m sure she will have other offers.”

Watch Oprah vs. Ellen – the Epic Rap Battle
The TV titans “battle it out” in the latest edition of ERB's Epic Rap Battle series.

“Breaking Bad” alum David Costabile joins “Billions”
He”ll play Damian Lewis” right-hand man. PLUS: Christopher McDonald joins Jerry Bruckheimer”s TNT cocaine/Miami pilot.

Les Moonves: “CSI: Cyber” is relevant in wake of the Sony hack attack
“If we see what's happening in the world … with Sony, and Home Depot, and all these other companies, it's a pretty relevant subject matter,” says the CBS boss, who adds: “It happens to be a very good show.”

“The Affair”s” Ruth Wilson is morally okay with people having affairs
“People have reasons for why they cheat or why they can”t stay in a relationship,” she says, “and it”s not always a matter of right or wrong. Often people cheat because there”s a loss in their life that makes you look for something else.”

George Lopez”s “Lopez Tonight” trailer was for sale on eBay
The asking price: $9900.

Showtime is developing a corporate espionage comedy
“Professionals” follows two mid-level corporate employees “who become ensnared in a dangerous game of corporate espionage.”

“New Girl” gets Mr. Belding to play Santa Claus
“Saved by the Bell”s” Dennis Haskins guests on “New Girl”s” Christmas episode.

“Walking Dead” actress releases a music video for her new song
Check out Emily Kinney in “Rockstar.” PLUS: Has the next “Walking Dead” villain been revealed?

Jethro from “The Beverly Hillbillies” sues over Jethro BBQ restaurant
Max Baer, Jr. claims CBS gave him the right to open “Beverly Hillbillies”-themed restaurants. He”s suing because he claims CBS cut a secret deal for another restaurant owner to have his own Jethro”s restaurant.

San Bernardino DA accepts Jon Stewart”s apology
“Two things I will say: One. I appreciate the amount of time he gave it. And I accept his apology,” Michael Ramos said in response to Stewart”s lengthy “Daily Show” segment Monday on last week”s error.

Watch the trailer for “The Wrong Mans” Season 2
James Corden”s TV series returns on British TV on Christmas Day.

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