Eminem and Sia spell it out in ‘Guts Over Fear’ lyric video

09.18.14 3 years ago

AP Photo

In “Guts Over Fear,” Eminem spells out his strife finding new ways to say the same thing; finding something new to say, period; putting the same words in a different flow. He says this in a style similar to his other dark, melodic turns, and he's aware of it to. The snake its own tail on this one.

Which leads to the value of lyric videos. Finding another way to do and achieve the same thing has value. It's smacks some stay on the art. It finds its way to a new audience, or jogs your current audience into another state of mind about their listening habits.

Sia's words float here, while Eminem's trek down empty streets. Not the most visually stunning material in ages, but note how you, as a listener, anticipate Shady's fast rhymes and how that's treated by the animations, or look for the difference in treatment in chorus one versus chorus two.

Or, hey, this just as easily plays in the background. Either way, give it a spin.

“Guts Over Fear” is featured in the film “The Equalizer,” starring Denzel Washington, out on Friday. It's also on “ShadyXV,” a double-disc set from Shady Records that brings together new and old tunes from artists on the Em-run imprint. That album is out on Nov. 24.

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