Emma Watson can’t escape Mikael Nyqvist’s grip in ‘Colonia’ first look

10.27.14 3 years ago

Fresh off his bloody beating in Keanu Reeves” gun-fu action movie “John Wick,” Deadline announced that Mikael Nyqvist has joined the cast of Florian Gallenberger's directorial debut “Colonia.” With the announcement comes the first still to make its way off the active set, a rather creepy glimpse at Emma Watson”s next role. Breathe, “Harry Potter” Tumblr contingent! It”s just a movie.

As reported last month, Watson and Daniel Brühl star as a young German couple who find themselves swept up in the Chilean military coup of 1973. Abducted by When Pinochet”s secret police abduct Daniel (Brühl), Lena (Watson) follows his trail to “Colonia Dignidad,” a charitable mission run by a lay preacher (Nyqvist). Or she thinks it”s a charitable. Turns out the sealed-off village is part prison, part cult commune. No one who enters leaves. Thus, the face-holding in the still above.

Gallenberger makes the jump from short films to features with “Colonia.” He cowrote the script with Torsten Wenzel. Other recently added cast members include Richenda Carey (“Separate Lies”), Vicky Krieps (“A Most Wanted Man”), August Zirner (“The Counterfeiters”) and Martin Wuttke (“Inglourious Basterds”).

Nyqvist came into the mainstream when he starred alongside Noomi Rapace in 2009″s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Though his English-speaking roles have cornered him into villainy, the actor has seen awards love for his Swedish work. Nyqvist won a Best Actor Guldbagge (Swedish Oscar) the 2002 rom-com “The Guy in the Grave Next Door” and appeared in the Academy Award nominated Best Foreign Film “As It Is in Heaven” in 2004.

There”s no word on how big a beating Nyqvist will take in “Colonia.” It is not clear if Emma Watson”s character knows gun-fu, but here”s hoping.

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