Empire Posts First ‘Transformers 2’ Images

12.28.08 9 years ago

Right now, our tech guys are busting ass to make sure all of HitFix is up and running right, and they’re constantly tweaking code and fixing things.  I know how hard I’m working right now, and I’m sure it’s about 1/10th of how hard they’re working.  So with that in mind, I’m posting this story for Arash, hoping it’ll make him smile for five minutes before he has to dive back into the guts of the site.

Empire.com has scored a spiffy exclusive, and this weekend, they posted the very first exclusive images from “Transformers 2: Rise of the Fallen,” including a cover for their new issue featuring Optimus Prime.

You can see the images for yourself at their site.

I think Bay and “Transformers” is a good fit.  Giant robots, insane mayhem… it seems like it was made for him.  And to his credit, he seems to take it just seriously enough.  I like these images, particularly the one where it appears to be raining cars, and I’m looking forward to seeing a trailer with real footage soon.

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