Updated: Every Superhero Movie Coming Out Through 2020 In Chronological Order


UPDATE 10/28/14: Marvel and Warner Bros. have both officially fleshed out their schedules, so it was high time to remove those pesky “unknowns” and replace them with this terrifying oncoming storm of superhero movies.

Things are getting tense in the world of superhero movies. Marvel is killing it at the box office and other studios are trying their damnedest to break off a chunk of that sweet, sweet consumer pie. So when Marvel announced they've sketched out their movie universe through 2020 – and then doubled-down by locking in dates – the scramble began.

Fox and Sony both announced potential line-ups for their properties, throwing their proverbial hats into the Thunderdome ring. After trying stay out of the fray, Warner Bros. finally came out swinging with their DC franchises also outlined through 2020. 

This is out of control. It's as if consumers of comic book adaptations are the hottest new craze and these movie studios will do anything to get us. Like a mob of Black Friday shoppers outside Wal-Mart at 11:59pm, they are jockeying for the best position from which to sprint for our dollars.  And to top it off Disney is double-dipping, wading into the fray with “Star Wars” and they are not afraid to punch their own Grandma in the face for that last $10 MP3 player…wait, I lost the metaphor. But you get the idea.

Just how insane will the next few years really be? Seeing disparate lists of upcoming unknown entities makes it hard to grasp the enormity. So I wanted to make you a fancy infographic to help you understand.

But I couldn't.

There was too much. Too many dates, too many unknowns, too much data for a mere infographic to contain. I had to harken back to high school English and make a freakin' outline. An outline!

If the dates below all hold, by 2017 we'll be up to our heat vision in mutants and metahumans. Mileage may vary on whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Image Credit: Donna Dickens

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