Exclusive: A gay man’s guide to finding your cervix from ‘Gayby’

10.09.12 5 years ago

Every year there is a film or two that finds success through the festival circuit.  Maybe it was overshadowed at Sundance or Toronto, but has consistently built word of mouth through screenings at SXSW, Seattle, LAFF or other popular regional festivals across the country.  Meet this year’s addition to that word of mouth club: “Gayby.”

The New York-based comedy debuted at SXSW this spring and has been winning both gay and straight fans ever since. Based on his original short film, Jonathan Lisecki’s “Gayby” centers on two lifelong friends, Jenn (Jenn Harris) and Matt (Matthew Wilkas) who decide to fulfill an old promise to conceive a child together.  Obviously, it’s never as easy as you’d think it will be and the duo go through some major ups and downs along the way.  

The filmmakers have been kind enough to provide HitFix with an exclusive clip from the movie which you can watch embedded at the top of this article.  The funny scene finds Jenn getting ready to engage in the turkey baster method of insemination (or more specifically, the leftover oral-medicine dispensers of a deceased cat) only to discover her friend Nelson (Lisecki himself) is something of an authority on artificial insemination.

At the worst, it may make you wish the talented Lisecki was writing “The New Normal” or “Partners” instead of the um, turkeys currently on staff.

“Gayby” opens in New York at Cinema Village this Friday and on October 26th in Los Angeles.


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