Exclusive: ARCHIE #9 and JUGHEAD #7 bring changes both to the comic and creators


Ch-ch-changes are headed to Riverdale this June. ARCHIE #9 and JUGHEAD #7 will both pull their main characters out of their comfort zones and HitFix Harpy has the exclusive details!

With Archie barred for life from Lodge Manor, Veronica must live in Archie”s world if she wants to hang out. But inviting Miss Lodge into the Andrews” home is turning the family upside-down in ARCHIE #9.

Meanwhile in JUGHEAD #7, summer break has finally arrived! It”s time to put Riverdale in the rearview for some fun in the sun. But when Jughead convinces Archie to join him in a cottage to escape the madness back home, nothing goes as planned. The madness of Riverdale is not so easily escaped.

Also out this June is the first collection of JUGHEAD comics. JUGHEAD VOL. 1 collects issues #1-#6 for your reading pleasure. Written by Chip Zdarsky and drawn by artist Erica Henderson, get to to know the retooled version of Jughead Jones before jumping into JUGHEAD #7, with guest artist Derek Charm.

HitFix Harpy spoke with Charm via email about taking the baton from Erica Henderson for two issues this summer. Check it out below and then scroll down to see all the fantastic cover art headed your way in June!

Image Credit: Archie Comics/Derek Charm

HITFIX HARPY: You”ve said on your Tumblr that drawing for Archie was dream job. Did you read the comics growing up?
DEREK CHARM: I was definitely aware of Archie since I was a kid, but I didn”t really start looking closely at it until about 5 or so years ago when I got really into artists like Harry Lucey and Dan DeCarlo. I was really taken with the way they showed fashion and changing looks in the late 50″s/early 60″s in a way that seemed well observed. The first big 1000 page collection that came out around then was a huge eye-opener to what I”d been missing out on.

I”ve also really loved all the recent stuff like Afterlife with Archie, Sabrina and OF COURSE Archie and Jughead. 

Which character do you relate to the most?
CHARM: I don”t know if I relate to him the most, but I really love Reggie. I like that he”s just a jerk, it”s so funny and great that he had his own comic series for a while. I like Cheryl and Jason Blossom for the same reason. Non-jerk characters? Probably Jughead and Kevin (which is convenient for this series!)

When did you find out you were going to be the guest artist? How did you react?
I found out a few months ago, right as 'Star Trek: Starfleet Academy' for IDW was wrapping up. I was asked to do a cover first, and then another, and then interiors, so it just kept growing-which is amazing. I was and am really excited to spend some time with these characters and figure out “New Riverdale”

Image Credit: Archie Comics/Derek Charm

Can you hint at anything from the upcoming issues? Maybe what Jughead”s internal life dreams up this time?
I don”t know! We”re still a few months out so I haven”t seen a script yet. It”s Chip Zdarsky though, so I know it”ll be hilarious and unexpected. I”ve really loved everything he and Erica have done on this series so far.

You”ve drawn PowerPuff Girls for IDW in the past. Any cameos Archie fans should be on the lookout for?
Definitely not the Powerpuff Girls, but I”ll probably try to sneak in some crazy forgotten Archie character like Cosmo the Merry Martian. 

What”s up next for you?
I have two series coming out this Summer in addition to Jughead, which have yet to be announced. All three are very different from each other though, so while I”ll be busy, there will at least be variety to get me through the day. 

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