Exclusive: Archie’s a fool for Lodge in ARCHIE #7 while JUGHEAD #5 saves Pop!

12.14.15 2 years ago

Archie Comics

Next March, a brand-new chapter begins in Riverdale as Archie Andrews moves on from his childhood sweetheart Betty Cooper now that the terrible #LipstickIncident that tore their love asunder has been revealed. 

Things have gotten complicated for Archie this year. Not only is he no longer part of the best power-couple since Johnny and June, the father of his current main squeeze is out to get him. To be fair, when Hiram Lodge finds out his daughter Veronica is dating the boy that destroyed their future mansion, anger is a human reaction.

Meanwhile, Jughead is fighting his own battle against Principal Stanger”s nefarious new rule. 

HitFix Harpy got our hands on the exclusive first look at the covers and variants for ARCHIE #7 and JUGHEAD #5 on sale next year!

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