Exclusive: Behind-the-scenes shots of Will Forte as ‘The Last Man on Earth’

02.26.15 3 years ago


The world of FOX's “The Last Man on Earth” is a vast wasteland, a vast hilarious wasteland. 

It's “28 Days Later” only with fewer corpses. In fact, there are no corpses. At TCA press tour last month, I asked creator Will Forte and pilot directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller about how the world of “Last Man on Earth” smells.

“The world smells very nice,” Forte told reporters amiably. “I think that the dead bodies have been sedentary for long enough that, as long as you don”t poke them you”re probably safe.”

At the same panel, I also asked the “Last Man” creative team about the challenges of realizing the abandoned comic wasteland.

Forte observed, “I think avoiding noise is incredibly hard. Like, obviously, anytime you”re shooting anything, the sound of an airplane or the sound of a train is really hard.

Lord agreed, “Yeah, we picked a location that is in a flight path… And a train path. And the train goes through it and then does, like, a hairpin turn and comes back through, like, 10 minutes later. It”s hard to make things be dead.”

Miller added, “And not have any cars in the shots, even in the reflections of the windows. It actually turns out to be really difficult to shoot. But all the money we”re saving on all those extras is really working out well for us.”

Check out a septet of HitFix Exclusive behind-the-scene pictures from the gloriously barren-yet-cluttered world of “Last Man on Earth,” which premieres on FOX on Sunday, March 1:

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