Exclusive clip: A big risk goes south on ‘Chrome Underground’

05.19.14 3 years ago

You would think buying classic cars would be a pretty straight forward, perhaps boring endeavor. Maybe it is in the United States, but in the new series “Chrome Underground” (premiering Fri. May 23 at 10:00 p.m. on Discovery), two buyers from Austin, Texas prove otherwise. In this clip, watch Antonio and Yusuf go to the roughest part of Mexico City in search of the holy grail of classic cars — a 1937 Type 57 Bugatti. It's worth millions. Maybe that would have been a good reason for these guys to be suspicious. But you've got to take big risks to win big, right?

Yusuf and Antonio aren't looking for risk, mind  you. Their company, Motoreum, used to source cars exclusively in the U.S. But thanks to the owners of classic cars being more aware of what they've got (thanks, Internet), they've decided to hunt for cars in places where most other dealers are afraid to go. So, while what we see in the clip is unfortunate, it's not the worst thing that could happen. I mean, they're still alive, right? 

Is it worth it? Given that a good find can net five to six figures in pure profit, it seems so. It's at least worth hiring Andrew, who has experience in covert operations. He helps Yusuf and Antonio hunt down, secure and smuggle the vehicles back to the safety of the US. That doesn't make this easy, mind you. The guys are not only a major target for thieves because they carry loads of cash, but they are pulling off their dangerous deals in countries they”ve never been to before. 

That means part of this show is watching how Yusuf and Antonio get these pricey cars without getting robbed. Sticking a 1957 Porsche in a horse trailer? Sure! But cute tricks may not be enough, as some of these cars have to be transported through gang-controlled areas. I'm guessing the camera crew doesn't help matters, but that's just me.

Are you going to watch “Chrome Underground”? 

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