Exclusive clip: It’s a million dollar disaster on ‘Risky Listing’

11.26.13 4 years ago
Being a real estate agent isn’t easy, it turns out, as sometimes you have to deal with crazy idiots. In “Risky Listing” (Tues. at 9:00 p.m. ET on Esquire Network), Picken Real Estate cuts deals for the most stylish restaurants, bars and nightclubs in New York City. The problem is, of course, that some of the players involved aren’t entirely sane.
This exclusive clip highlights Alex Picken and the owners of the exclusive hot spot, Flor De Sol, as they struggle to see eye-to-eye on pricing. The  venue owners changed the price from $1.2 million to $2.2 million — and did it half-way through Alex negotiating with potential buyers. This is a major controversy within the commercial real estate world, and big money is on the line. 
If you’re wondering who Alex Picken is, he was first introduced to the intoxicating nightlife of Manhattan as a DJ in his 20s. He then formed Picken Real Estate in 1988 and, twenty-five years later, he’s closed deals on well over 50 of New York’s most notable hotspots. Underneath his friendly disposition lies a shrewd businessman who knows the city inside and out. 
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