Exclusive clip: It’s DUI humor on ‘Last Comic Standing’

06.02.14 3 years ago


You've probably already noticed that the “Last Comic Standing” (Thurs. at 10:00 p.m.) currently on the air is far afield from the so-so series that signed off in 2010. Instead of the eighth season being another showplace for amateurs and a few salty old pros, the top 100 comics in the country were hand-picked by producers to audition by invitation only. The standard is plenty higher than what we've seen previously. 

In this clip, we get a taste of what's on deck, as well as one longer segment from Rodman. The comedian talks about drinking a little too much to drive and making the decision to pull himself over — which, of course, inspired a cop to jump in on the action. It's only a snippet, but you can judge whether it's a funny way of making light of a bad situation or not.

Are you watching the new and improved “Last Comic Standing”? 

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