Exclusive clip: ‘Kodiak’ explores the spiritual side of killing

05.21.14 3 years ago

Hunting bears and other wildlife in Alaska is a dangerous job — but in this exclusive clip from “Kodiak” (airing Wed. at 10:00 p.m. on Discovery), the Cusack family gets into another drawback to living on the wild side — the emotional kickback.

Nicole reveals that, despite living the good life as an attorney in San Diego, she's eager to get back to Alaska and try something she's never done before — kill a deer. Even though her father Bob hunts for a living, he isn't entirely eager for his daughter to take this step. 

If you're not watching this four-part series, “Kodiak” follows three families — the Mays, the Hollands, and the Cusacks — who converge together each fall to run Bob May's remote hunting and fishing lodge. There's not a lot of time to worry about the emotional impact of killing a deer, since the job at hand is helping hunters take down Kodiak brown bears, the largest land carnivores on earth. Before you dismiss bear killing, you may be interested to know that it serves a purpose — too many bears ultimately means starvation for the species, so carefully regulated hunting is the only solution. 

Are you watching “Kodiak”? 

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