Exclusive clip: Meet a living doll on ‘My Strange Addiction’

12.27.13 4 years ago

Yay! Want to celebrate 2014 the right way? The fifth season of “My Strange Addiction” debuts on Wed. Jan. 1 at 9:00 p.m. on TLC, and it will absolutely make you feel better about whatever bad, weird thing you might have done before you blacked out on New Year’s Eve. Yes, it’s possible!

The season kicks off with a one-hour special following three individuals who undergo extreme physical and psychological measures to look and act as full time human dolls. Who needs all those ribs, anyway?

Viewers will be introduced to Justin, Venus, and Emily, who will do whatever it takes all in the name of being a living doll; from obsessive diets, to fitting in uncomfortably tight corsets, to wearing eye-enlarging contact lens, and even radical plastic surgery procedures. Following the special one-hour premiere, TLC will also air two new back to back episodes at 10:00 p.m. featuring:

·         Nicole, 31, has been addicted to Pony Play, a form of costumed role play. Nearly every day, she suits up in a mask, hoofs and bit to gallop around a stable and roll in the hay.

·         Heather, 43, single mother of two, has been addicted to drinking paint for nearly three years. Despite the potentially deadly chemicals, Heather has consumed more than two gallons since her addiction began.

·         Amy and Becky, 44, are addicted to being identical twins. They look alike, act alike, and even weigh their meals to stay the exact same size. They spend all of their time together and haven”t been apart for more than 30 minutes in 20 years.

·         Jennifer, 26, has been addicted to eating mattresses for more than twenty years. Her family worries Jennifer”s mattress diet could be killing her, since she”s consumed a total of eight beds.

Starting January 8th the series will return to Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. with more cases including:

·         Toby, 33, has spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery to transform into the perfect doppelganger of Justin Bieber.  From hair transplants to smile surgery, nothing has been too extreme to satisfy Toby”s addiction.

·         Lacey, 44, is a mother of six and has had at least 30 plastic surgeries in an attempt to mold the perfect figure. Lacey”s breasts are now a size LLL and even had a corset made of pigskin surgically implanted to create a smaller waist and an internal bra created to support her 21-pound implants.

·         Keyshia, 22, started chewing on and smelling dirty diapers two years ago. Since then, Keyshia has been filling her cupboards, drawers and purse with pee-soaked diapers to satisfy her cravings.

·         Vladimir, 50, became hooked on leeches and now needs a fix up to 40 times a year. He”ll attach up to 12 leeches at a time on his back, arms, and legs to satisfy his craving despite the risk of infection.

·         Brittoni, 22, has been addicted to eating makeup for twelve years. Her addiction is so intense, she goes through up to 50 containers a week and finishes an entire palate of eye shadow in one sitting.

Don’t you feel better already? Okay, the bit about chewing on dirty diapers may have made you feel worse, but overall, there’s comfort in knowing you haven’t eaten a bed lately, right? 

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