Exclusive clip: ‘My 600-lb Life’ goes from the hospital to the drive-thru

01.06.14 4 years ago 10 Comments
It is not easy losing hundreds of pounds — and even less so when your husband is a jerk who eats fries in front of you. That is the plight of Zsalynn, whom we meet on “My 600-lb Life” this season. The show returns to TLC (premieres Tues. Jan. 7 at 9:00 p.m.) to follow the lives of eight people – each weighing over 600 pounds – through their year long journey as they collectively try to lose thousands of pounds. We’re hoping part of Zsalynn’s weight loss plan includes shedding a couple hundred pounds of husband, too. 
Zsalynn isn”t the typical weight-loss story. As a senior in high school, dealing with a disapproving mother, she weighed close to 375-lbs. Rather than wallow in self-pity, Zsalynn created NAAFA, the National Association to Advanced Fat Acceptance.  As the self-proclaimed, “Fat Girl Rock Star,” she was proud of her size and found a circle of friends and admirers who were more than accepting. Men paid her way to travel the world and this soon became the norm – decadent, lavish parties and jet-setting around the globe, having the time of her life. 
After posting a photo of herself in nothing but her favorite bra and panty set, Zsalynn met her husband Gareth online. Gareth was unabashedly attracted to larger women and at the time, Zsalynn was the perfect bride.
Zsalynn”s outlook changed when she found herself weighing 520-lbs – one quarter of a ton, at 29-years old. Now, still married to Gareth, with a 9-year old daughter, Zsalynn feels trapped in her own body. She watches 7-8 hours of television a day and relies on her best friend, Bonnie, to take care of her daughter. Gareth admits that she has become “too big” to do anything, and Zsalynn deals with her feelings of inadequacy by constantly giving in to her sugar addiction.
In an attempt to turn her life around, Zsalynn seeks the help of a Bariatric Surgeon. She desperately wants to be the mother that her daughter Hannah deserves, and genuinely fears dying prematurely because of her weight. Gareth is unsupportive of Zsalynn”s efforts and refuses to change his eating habits. His opposition of the mental and physical changes that must occur, causes immense obstacles in their marriage. 
Can Zsalynn stay the course, lose the weight, and fight to finally be the mother she wants to be for Hannah? Or will Gareth”s disapproval hold her back and tempt Zsalynn into reverting to her old, destructive habits?

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