Science Channel teaches us about aquarium fish just in time for ‘Finding Dory’

06.13.16 1 year ago

Just in time for Finding Dory, Science Channel is diving into the journey that aquarium fish take from breeding to living in our fish bowls.

Long-running Science Channel series How It”s Made chronicles that journey of aquarium fish in an episode airing tonight.

Take a look at a HitFix-exclusive clip from the episode below:

The goldfish and the blue tang (Dory”s species) are both currently ranked Least Concern by the World Conservation Union. While that”s unlikely to change any time soon for goldfish, blue tang could soon become endangered. Blue tangs are not easy to breed in captivity, like the goldfish seen here are, so marine biologists are worried that Finding Dory will send harvesters to the fragile coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific to snatch more Dory-lookalikes as the fish gains newfound popularity with the release of the Pixar film. Sales of blue tangs are expected to rise, just as sales of clownfish multiplied at pet stores after Finding Nemo“s release in 2003.

So maybe just stick to bringing the goldfish home and enjoying seeing animated blue tangs on the big screen, guys.

Finding Dory opens in theaters this Friday, June 17. The episode of How It”s Made featuring aquarium fish airs on Science Channel tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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