Exclusive clip: See the Crotch Twister on ‘Untold Stories of the ER’

12.05.13 4 years ago

Sometimes emergency rooms are very serious places. But sometimes, a doctor does something really, really unexpected that’s probably not ethical at all. But it’s funny! And a little violent! In this exclusive clip from “Untold Stories of the ER” (airing Fri. Dec. 6 at 10:00 p.m. ET on Discovery Fit & Health), doctor Mike Abernethy tries a little test on a convict that undoubtedly isn’t covered by insurance. Bet it hurts! 

Also in the episode, Abernethy is confronted with an inebriated young man who”s suffocating to death due to an inexplicably blocked airway. His solution is way outside the box (we get the impression Abernethy lives outside the box).

Plus, a distraught and battered teenager drags his father into the ER with a life-threatening stab wound to the heart. To save the man”s life, Dr. Aliasgher Hussain has to perform a dangerous procedure that he has never done and unexpected volunteer offers to help. When an otherwise healthy college cheerleader is brought into Dr. Cesar Aristeiguieta”s ER after an unexplained collapse, he has to find the cause. But before he can, the woman goes into cardiac arrest.

Do you think the doctor made the right call? 

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