Exclusive clip: See SoCal car culture on new series ‘Rods N Wheels’

01.27.14 4 years ago

Love SoCal car culture? So do Billy Derian and Steve Reck. They’ve been friends for years with the same dream – working in a garage that fixes up and restores vintage cars and hot rods. Now they have Da Rod Shop, located in the heart of Southern California”s car culture. “Rods N Wheels,” an all-new Discovery Channel series (premieres Mon. Jan. 27 at 10:00 p.m.) gets down and dirty with the guys and their crew. In this exclusive clip, we see what they’re up against in the first episode — restoring a 1932 Ford 3 Window from a rusted-out hull into a showstopper in just two weeks. 

If that job wasn”t enough, Billy and Steve”s sons are out to prove their worth when they take in the ultimate American muscle car, a 1968 Camaro, and attempt to flip it.  At first, it seems like a piece of cake.  But the boys soon realize it might take a lot more money to fix it than expected.
While Billy and Steve don”t always see eye-to-eye, they rely on each other”s strengths. Billy, the mover and shaker, acts as the salesman and has big plans to make Da Rod Shop the #1 garage in the country.  He is a true entrepreneur who has tried his hands in just about everything, including a little show business but his first passion is cars. While Steve is the genius mechanic, who can literally fix anything on wheels and is fine working at his own pace and doing favors for friends (even if it doesn”t pay).
Are you going to tune in to “Rods N Wheels”? 

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