Exclusive: DC Comics Lets Batman Fans Control The Story

02.24.14 4 years ago

Do you like Batman? Do you remember devouring the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' novels as a child and cheating to make sure you got the best ending? Then DC has an online comic for you…minus the cheating by peeking ahead to see the results of your choices. As part of the DC2 Multiverse – based on the 'Batman: Arkham Origins' video game – let's readers be a part of the action with their new multi-path storytelling format. And HitFix got an exclusive first look at Chapter Six which hits digital shelves on Tuesday, February 25th.

From the press release:

Events in Gotham heat up in Week 6 of DC2 MULTIVERSE BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS. The corrupt Lieutenant Branden's set to blow up an entire neighborhood in order to throw the election to Black Mask's candidate. A meeting between Penguin and Black Mask goes terribly wrong, with an innocent family caught in the crossfire. Batman fights for his life to rescue Alexandra Dent from the hulking Humphry Dumpler. In pursuit of the man otherwise known as Humpty Dumpty, the Dark Knight engages in a hair-raising chase across the rooftops of Gotham while in the targets of a GCPD helicopter. Art by Tom Derenick and Victor Drujinui highlights this week's multi-path episode, with a story by Adam Beechen and script by Frank Hannah and Doug Wagner. Motion and sound allow readers to experience this exciting prequel to the hit videogame in a way that”s unique to comics. Just be careful which way you choose to go; one of the paths will lead you to a fatal dead end.

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