Exclusive: Gods meddle in the realms of men in INJUSTICE CHAPTER 4

05.25.15 3 years ago

DC Entertainment

Based on the video game series INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US, the INJUSTICE series is a digital first comic by DC Entertainment that takes place in an alternate reality. One where the tyrannical dictator whom the Justice League must stop is none other than Superman himself.

Now in YEAR FOUR, Superman”s regime has been batter by the Green Lantern Corps but emerged victorious. His wrath has left a swath of death and destruction through both superhero rosters and the rogue”s gallery. But now, new challengers will emerge. Godly challengers.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

The official synopsis for INJUSTICE YEAR FOUR – CHAPTER FOUR:

On Mount Olympus, Hera tries her best to draw Zeus into the battle to dethrone Superman. Back on earth, Renee Montoya continues to wage her one woman war against Superman. She's charged up on the green “Super Soldier” pills that power Superman's army and is determined to take down the Man of Steel on her own. This can't end well.

After the jump, HitFix Harpy has an exclusive look inside CHAPTER FOUR!

The issue will be available wherever digital comics are sold on May 26.

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