Exclusive: Gotham is in flames as BATMAN ETERNAL #50 spirals towards the end

03.13.15 3 years ago

DC Entertainment

What do the Penguin, a prison riot, Jim Gordon being incarcerated, Bane in a mech, Red Hood, Batgirl, Gotham in flames, and short-circuiting Bat-technology all have in common? They”re all happening simultaneously in this Batman arc. Over a year in the making, BATMAN ETERNAL #50 sees these plot elements coming home to roost. 

HitFix Harpy got an exclusive preview of the first four pages of the issue, including the result of Batman's showdown with Bane. 

Image Credit: DC Entertainment. Cover by Cliff Chiang.

After the jump, get a sneak peek into this action-packed issue as everyone careens towards the finale! Can the Batfamily put an end to this nightmare before the penultimate Issue #52?

BATMAN ETERNAL #50 is available on March 18th wherever comics are sold.

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